meeting of the Presidency of the Solar Mac
held on 20 October 2011, h.Kontinental

Present: Ilija Nasov, Mirce Stamenkovski, Zoran Trajkov, Gorgi Peev, Slave Armenski, Vlatko Ristov, Sanja Popovska-Vasilevska

Proposal of the agenda:
Information for current activities
Provide a greater SUPPORT
Membership to ESTIF

1) daily agenda was unanimously adopted.

2) Zoran Trajkov gives  information in relation to the training course for thermal solar installers and PV solar installers. Project is organized trough Chamber of Craftsmen in the RM and the Chamber of Commerce in Koblenz, Germany. Informed that in the next activities are planned to carry out more training installers in Skopje, and then in Plovdiv. This training will be by full covering of the expenses of the participants, except for Plovdiv trays have to be paid at 300 euros.

Zoran Trajkov he offered the materials which were Worked of the training ( English books on language and presentations on a CD) to be copied and available for ngo Solar Mac.

Sanja give information on the meeting, accomplished with Ceprosard and UHMR to which e discussed for the future and the necessary help to the test station of the sun from heating collectors to function.

Gorgi Peev informed about progress for heat system set up in the swimming pool Karpoš.

 Membership to ESTIF have still not been paid (for 2009, 2010, 2011). It is necessary to urgently provide funds and to be paid at least the obligations for 2009 year.
On account of the Solar Mac has denars 22000  and 300 euros. Necessary to another 300 euros for one year membership.




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